Parkinson SuperWalk

Picture 1611Here at Lookout Ridge, our community is a huge supporter of Parkinson Society Canada. Every year, we come together to help raise money for the Parkinson SuperWalk. This event not only helps us contribute to a good cause, but it helps our residents and staff to come together as a family to provide support to those affected by Parkinson’s.

Parkinson SuperWalk is the largest national fundraising event for Parkinson Society Canada (PSC) and its regional partners. Approximately 14,000 participants from coast-to-coast organize and take part in Parkinson SuperWalk.
How does this fundraising event help those affected by Parkinson’s?


Provide support

  • There are over 240 support groups and chapters across Canada


Lead the way in world-class Parkinson’s research

  •  To advance knowledge, improve treatments, develop new therapies, and ultimately find a cure.


Educate healthcare professionals

  •  To help ensure Canadians affected by Parkinson’s disease receive a consistent high-standard of care.


Drive policy at the federal and provincial level 

  •  To ensure Parkinson’s disease is recognized as a health priority and improve the lives of people affected by this disease.


Increase awareness coast to coast to reduce stigma and promote early diagnosis


Lookout Ridge Retirement Home will be participating in this event on Tuesday, August 26 @ 10:00am

Parkinson BBQ to follow @ 12:00pm.